In April 2019, I wrote an article in The Feminist Current, an online publication founded and run by Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy. Entitled “I supported trans ideology until I couldn’t anymore”, the piece was read widely (TW if you choose to read it).

Now, more than two years later, this is my recantation. But first, there’s a bit of time to be filled in.

Within days of the 2019 article’s release, I was banned permanently from Twitter, based on tweets I’d made about a person (initials JY) whom I’d negatively portrayed in the piece. Largely due to the efforts of…


Still me with sepia.

Four-corner this grief

and make it stick.

Deftly, deftly

(with finger licked)

turn each page until

long ago and

once upon a time

render it mute.


Spike me with fever.

Burn it away,

from the outside in.

Minister me with

sips and spoons,

with wrapped necks

and garlic cloves.

Blind me with a cool cloth

until I no longer see

what I can no longer see.


Like a nursery curtain


let this day close.

Let bedtime spill us all

into the Land of Nod.

With flashlights

and fairy dust,

People have asked what made me leave the GC movement. What was it, exactly, that led me to throw in the towel? What was that last straw, that proverbial breaking point, that was enough to make me decide to finally walk away?

What made me leave?

There were initial steps I took toward leaving. Quitting my GC coalition, no longer engaging with other GC people, outside of the group, to help write Briefs or letters, then eventually not being active at all.

But those things didn’t = leaving. Even when I realized that yes, I do believe in gender-based rights…

Alicia Hendley

PhD in clinical psychology, writer, mother. Someone who needs to simmer down, already.

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