I had core beliefs about trans people, gender identity, and expression. I was involved in a heated Twitter thread for months with GC folk. I was eventually swayed by the actions of a notorious Canadian. No one's fault, but mine.

My beliefs began moving back to my true perspective, over time. Not a lot of flip-flopping. I have learned that many others have left the GC movement. Not remotely surprising.

I have no doubts about my beliefs, philosophical views, or perspective re the trans community. I have been mulling this over since leaving cawsbar. Again. I left an organization that I helped start (just a few of us, at that time).

The realization that the GC movement is willing to align with individuals the majority of Canadians likely perceive as bigoted (Same-sex marriage is evil! Abortion is the devil's work!), struck me as, quite frankly, all about doing anything to seek an end. Screw the means! That's not rational. Lesbians were cool with being bedfellows with homophobes? Really?? Pretty horrific, actually, when it comes to feminists.

That reality provided me with the space to recognize that my true beliefs were what I had been rooted in, before. I don't regret being such a part of the GC community, as it has afforded me the knowledge of what I am now dealing with. Further, taking a step back and truly evaluating what my former professional body (and those of other countries) believe, in terms of gender identity and expression, was humbling. Why would I ever profess to know more than the psychological community?

Finally, the very fact that my trans friends from before (or currently, who have stuck by me, despite my bullshite) still welcome me? That says everything.

So. No doubts. Only relief. I just hope others realize that aligning with hate-filled individuals only leads to more alienation from the majority of citizens, and will hurt their spirit, perhaps irrevocably.

Take care.

PhD in clinical psychology, writer, mother. Someone who needs to simmer down, already.

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